Call for speakers

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Bridge of Sighs
St John's College

17. Bridge of Sighs St John's



Talks will be strictly limited to 30 minutes (which will be followed by 10 minutes for questions)  and should be illustrated with slides in the form of a powerpoint presentation. In accordance with the rules of the Bureau Permanent of the international congresses you are permitted to speak in one of the following languages (in alphabetical order): English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. As the greater proportion of delegates will be English speaking  those not lecturing in English are strictly directed to supply the key aspects of their talk  in English through their slides, while those speaking in English  are requested  to  similarly  annotate their slides in one of the other languages, preferably French.  In this way the potential impact of your talk will be maximised.  Posters can be in any of the five languages.

The deadline for submissions has now passed and no further abstracts will be accepted. 


The standard of submissions has been high, and the Scientific Committee are currnetly making their selection. The final list of speakers will be published online by 31st January 2022.



The acceptance of a piece of work means that the author agrees to its publication in the proceedings of the Congress. Copyright is shared between the author and the Organising Committee, but the author grants permission for the Congress to publish in any medium which it sees fit. This will certainly include online publication as a pdf, as an ebook, and in hard copy.

It is expected that the paper will be delivered via email to

 before the end of the Congress. Papers received more than 8 weeks following this date will not be published. The paper is not to exceed 6000 words, including endnotes.  Please check your word count carefully as papers which are too long will be rejected. There should be no bibliography. Each endnote citation is to have a matching number in the text.  Illustrations should have a minimum size of 1300 pixels wide and 300 DPI, and be of the best possible quality, preferably in JPG format. The author must cite the source of all graphic documentation, of whatever type, if it is not their own work. The Organising Committee shall not accept any liability that may arise from any breach of intellectual and commercial property rights. Figures, tables and images should be sent in a separate file from the main body of the work, and not included in the text. The author may not disseminate the work before it is presented at the Congress. You will receive a proof copy of your paper prior to publication, which will have a deadline for correction beyond which corrections cannot be accepted.