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There are few countries in the world in which social and religious upheavals have not affected individual families, and the mechanisms by which coats of arms are granted. It is anticipated that many of those submitting papers for the congress will wish to focus on major world events such as the Protestant Reformation, the Catholic Counter-Reformation, the French Revolution, and the restoration of monarchies, of democracies etc. Any country being granted independence might reasonably be assumed to have undergone reformation. Delegates are additionally invited to consider the three congress topics in relation to smaller scale, more parochial events.  You might, for example, consider the reformation of any social, administrative, archival or political organisation or social grouping. The latter might include a class of society, or a body of heralds. We might also think of reformations in styles of artistry and rules of heraldry. In the sphere of genealogy revolution applies particularly to the many advances in computer technology and DNA analysis which have transformed our understanding of families. Restoration might be that of a particular monument, collection of shields or of a family tree once believed to have been lost, but which can be reconstructed from other sources. It might refer to the restoration of a nobiliary title brought about by the revised understanding of a pedigree. It might be a revised understanding of a manuscript such as a roll of arms consequent on having made a new study.